Welding Consumables

electrodes / welding wires / welding rods

Welding consumables are one of the most important element for welding. Quality and composition of the welding consumable have an impact on the success of a weld.
The welding consumable merges with the base material during the welding process, what generates the weld seam. Therefore the welding consumable enables the gap bridging. Also the characteristics of the welding consumable have an impact on the weld seam quality. Consumable and base material should have the same characteristics for joint welding. Instead of this, welding consumables should be different to the base material, when making a coat in order to renew weared machine components.

The selection of a suitable welding consumable depends on the welding process, base material and its characteristics. All our welding consumables are conforming to standards and are liable to strict quality controls.

The correct storage of welding consumable is very important for its durability. Welding consumables should be stored in a warm and dry room. The materials should be transported with care. We recommend to store welding consumables bagged.